The one about the menopause – when Agnus Castus is not enough…

For nearly ten years now Agnus Castus has been all I needed to deal with the various symptoms of PMT, but now the dreaded change is upon me and the hot flushes and low mood sent me on a search for a solution. Check out what I did on my new Youtube channel:

8 thoughts on “The one about the menopause – when Agnus Castus is not enough…”

  1. Hi Juliet, thanks so much for being so open and sharing your experiences. I am a month in to using agnus castus at the recommended dose (I used to work at a Uni so very much appreciate your evidence based advice 🙂 – and something has definitely changed (though I am touching wood as I type cos it seems too good to be true!).
    I just had a question re: Red clover – for when and if I need it, can you please let me know which product you are using, and the recommended dose? Many thanks

  2. Hi Juliet, thank-you for your honest video. I have been reading about isoflavones and lignans in soy/red clover and flaxseeds being ok in moderation to address some menopausal symptoms, as they can be at this stage pro-estrogenic. The only thing that concerns me slightly is that they have been shown to inhibit thyroid peroxidase in large doses ( pill form rather than the occasional dietary inclusion) if you are not getting enough iodine in the diet, which can lead to hypothyroidism.

  3. Hi Julie
    Thanks for your research into Angus castus. I’ve been taking it long term from phd too and found it an amazing product thanks to you!! As without your input I would never have found it. They recently changed their sizing bottles and thought to try another provider. But only fruit seems available rather than extract, 400mg fruit to be exact. Do you know if this weaker than the phd one or similar? It’s the natures aid one premeeze. I’m similar age to you and think I’m in peri. Watched your recent vid where you talk about irregular periods. Every 2 weeks. Then not one for a while. Snap, same here! Like you getting more changes now, low mood, insomnia, anxiety etc, urgh!! Now at stage where I feel I need more support. I don’t have the hot flashes, just mood stuff.

    1. Hi Giomarie, I don’t use agnus castus anymore as I am no longer having periods. Not sure about the Natures Aid one, but you could message them to ask how it relates to the 20mg standardised recommended in research. In terms of anxiety and low mood, I have found that there isn’t one thing that can make it better. I take HRT, which has definitely helped, but I also do daily meditation, yoga as well as run every other day and swim outdoors at least once a week. I can no longer drink coffee as caffeine really spiked my anxiety and stopped me sleeping. I also drink very little alcohol as that definitely increases morning anxiety. Not every women has a difficult menopause, but for me it has been and I have found talking about with friends, family and lovely women on the Menopause Matters website have kept me going. I hope the transition for you is less choppy and you sail through to the other side ok.

      1. Hi Julie, thanks for your time in replying, appreciated. Yes I found I cannot drink coffee at all, and also alcohol these days is having a more undesirable affect. If anything these life changes can show us ways to improve health and looking after our bodies changing needs. Thanks again and stay well!

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