“I am not impressed by this”

I received this email a little while ago. Although I don’t agree I have intentionally misled anyone as I based my advice on research evidence, I accept there are other valid points of view that are different to mine.

Thanks to the author for giving me permission to post in full.

Dear Juliet,

I read your blog today, specifically about Agnus Castus.

I take your point about the dosages being screwed up by legislation. It will take a long time before any of this changes. I am a relatively highly qualified healer using East Asian disciplines. I had 8 years of training with an international healer – and most of my contacts agree that there is some kind of backlash going on against the alternative health care industries. I too am frustrated by it.

But you claim that the dosages make the drug ineffective. This is not true. Yes, the dosages may be weaker, but this does not make the drug in and of itself any less effective. The drug itself still has the same qualities. In this respect you are misleading people. As someone who worked in journalism for 14 years, I am not impressed by this.

There is nothing fundamentally stopping anyone from taking the full dose you talk about, other than cost, and even here there are ways out of an inordinate expense (see below), but this in fact may not be necessary.

It is always suggested you start taking the minimum amount of a herb to start with, and not the maximum. There are reviews of women taking one tenth of the dose you say is effective and they are experiencing great results. It is a well known fact that a minor dose of a remedy can be enough to cause the body to kick in its own functions and to start regulating its processes. I am all for exposing hypochrisies and stupidities, but I find your writing on this misleading and insensible, although you may not have intended to create that impression.

As a creative person I never take no for an answer. Blocks only cause me to look more intensively at what is out there. I find other ways. It is not hard, actually….  Here are some:

1-Bristol Botanicals will sell you 500ml of Agnus Castus seed tincture for £22. In general a tincture will be better than tablets because it will be more bioavailable – it will pass straight through the mucus membranes in your body as it goes down into your stomach. Not having to break down a tablet will also be beneficial. Endocrinal organs are linked to the liver and kidneys, which are the digestive and energetic engines of the body, and if there is any possibility that endocrinal impairment may also be impacting digestion, then this would be a better way of taking a remedy than a tablet.

2-Another option is to contact Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy, who will be able to supply Agnus Castus in 30C or stronger – they will diagnose and treat over the phone. www.rxhomeo.com also sell it.

3- Here is a wildcraft distiller of tinctures and oils in Crete: http://quickbooker.org/kunden/wildherbsofcrete_com/pages/bakery/essential-oil-of-chastetree-fruits-10.php – this is the one I would contact. Their products look highly concentrated. They are made by a couple. He is a Master Distiller. She is a plant specialist (MSc) and a qualified nurse.

Best wishes