When things are too good to be true it doesn’t always mean they are not!

After posting yesterday, I had a call from Donna at NHP. She is happy to endorse Agnus Support and stand by the ingredients list for this food supplement. In fact she is so confident it is what it says it is, she is sending me the product to try.

I am scared about switching products (my period pains were very, very bad) but I am also conscious that I have only so far found one place that I can recommend – and that scares me just as much. What if they stop supplying it? Go out of business?

So for the sake of all the fantastic women out there who support this blog and give me the encouragement to keep going, I am going to give it go as soon as it arrives.

In fairness, I will give it at least three months before recommending it to others – but am I cautiously optimistic I have found a supplier who actually believes their products work and refuse to compromise for the sake of profit.

A thumbs up to NHP for communicating with me so fully and frankly.


  1. As promised, I received a one/two month supply of Agnus Castus support food supplement today from NHP – I am going to take one a day as that will match the AC level I was previously taking. I will start tomorrow and will post how things go. I do hope it works as it also contained milk thistle and black cohosh – and I’ve been thinking about combining herbs for awhile to see if I can improve my well-being even further. I will give it three months before giving a verdict – placebo effect is very powerful.

    1. Hi Ashley, the ingredients look correct (250mg of dried herb). I am finding that some companies are trying to bypass the regulations by stating their products are food supplements. do check if it has a THR (traditional herbal registration) if it does then the dosage will be too low and you are better off looking elsewhere.

  2. ok will do. have you ordered from prime health directs website? their prices are pretty unbelievable! i am hoping they are genuine

  3. Hi Juliet
    For past 6 months Ive been taking angus cactus 4 capsules a day purchased from Holland & Barrett, large capsules & taking 4 a day. I’ve only been taking them 2 weeks prior to period then 2 weeks off (is this wrong?). My PMS has improved don’t feel so depressed during pmt, less pain & period more regular but still feel emotional & teary. So maybe on wrong dose?!

    Well they ran out so y’day I went to H & B and was given tablet form, 3.9mg taken once a day. Sounded low to me so I start reading about correct dosage and came across your blog, which I must add – found very interesting & informative 🙂
    So please help,
    1- should I be taking AC daily without break?
    2- what is correct dosage?
    3- best website to purchase from? best value for money.

    Many Thanks in advance
    May x

    1. Hi May – 20mg standardised extract (200mg whole herb) is this lowest dose found to be effective in trials. Beyond 40mg (400mg whole herb) there was no further improvement. As you have gathered that makes the H&B tablets too expensive as you would have to take at least 5 a day to get the correct dosage. I can’t give you medical advice, but I personally take AC every day without any break and having been doing so for over 5 years. I have not experienced any adverse effects. Before AC i was taking huge amounts of painkillers including morphine, so whatever the long term effects of AC (and there isn’t much research out there on this), from my perspective would be less damaging than long term use of opiates. As for where to get it from there isn’t much choice. I am currently trialling Agnus Castus Support from Natural Health Practice – but I haven’t been taking them long enough to recommend them. I can recommend Prime Health Direct – 200mg tablets at the reasonably priced £11.75 for six months (one a day). Hope that helps and really glad you have found AC and it is helping. Come back and soon and let us know how you are getting on.

  4. Hi Juliet, I am about to purchase from PHD but wondering how you are getting on with NHP’s product so far? Maybe I will start with PHD and await your final verdict on NHP.
    Thank you so much for this blog and getting the information out there against the obstacles of big pharma!

    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I have been taking NHP for around 3 weeks so too early to tell. I feel fine, but then I am not due for another 10-14 days and my predominant symptom is pain. PHD ones I know work for me. Do come back and let us know how you get on.

      1. Hi Juliet, Any update on the success or otherwise or the NHP tablets?
        PHD seem to be long term out of stock and I’m all but run out of my pre-thr, so I’m hoping for some good (if expensive) news on an alternative.

      2. Hi Jenny, I have been taking them for just over 6 weeks and so far my symptoms have not worsened. I am going to experience another period first before I wholeheartedly recommend them, but I am cautiously optimistic. I have been taking one a day, so it works out about £10 a month, not as cheap as Prime Health, but still reasonable, imo.

  5. I too am waiting on my order since the 1st of Aug from phd got an email from Peter on the 18th of aug saying they would be in by 30th of aug but still no news so I emailed him again last night as it’s 6 weeks now since I ordered them.

    1. such a pain. I do know that PHD always come through in the end, but no consolation when you are waiting. I recently started taking Agnus Castus Support from Natural Health Practice – so far so good and the level of AC is the same. However they are more pricey at £20 for 60 tablets – but they also contain other herbs. Let me know how you get on and where you get them from.

  6. Hi Juliet,
    I have been taking a keen interest on your posts about agnus cactus.

    I myself do not suffer with the physical symptoms of PMS, but do terribly with the emotional mental ones.

    As H&B are having trouble with their supplier, this must be due to the EU regulations, I am running low on my supply.

    Having spent £8 on a tub that contain tablets with the strength of only 100,mg, which would mean that I have to take twenty tablets…is that right??

    Have you heard of these in amazon??

    Preclinical Agnus Castus 1000mg 3 month supply Natural HRT, no more hot flushes or pain.

    Wondered as I want to make the right choice.

    1. Hi Rach,

      I have written to this company three times to ask them to explain the dosage and they have never replied. I would buy from either Prime Health Direct (although they are often out of stock) or Natural Health Practice (Agnus Castus Support). The NHP are more expensive than PHD, but I have been trialling them and they are equally effective. However the key is to avoid the THR logo as that does limit dosage. Good luck and come back and let us know how you get on.

  7. I have been taking three tablets a day of the natures aid and my symptoms improved slightly. Although today is the first day if AF and I have been in bed sleeping all day😔. This sure impacts on life every month…it’s exhausting! Lucky it fell on a Saturday.

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