Agnus castus saved my marriage!! Seriously!

PMT cartoon shedAt times I have wondered if there is any point keep blogging about Agnus Castus. Whatever I do makes little difference to what is on sale in the UK.

I can sadly envisage a future where women will have completely forgotten that there was once a safe and side-effect free cure for PMT that was effective for over 80% of women in trials (and didn’t involve artificial hormones, mind altering drugs or surgery), but what good can my lone voice really do?

And then I get a comment like the one below and every word I have ever typed about agnus castus and the decimation of the herbal market in Europe suddenly feels like it matters again, and that just maybe I can make a difference, even if it is one woman at a time.

Thank you Vicki for making me feel less like a crazy, ranting bint 🙂


My case is one of severe PMS (PMDD). My situation was so bad that I had moved out of my marital home due to me being such a complete bitch for no reason to my hubby… he had enough (fairly!) of me turning on him for no particular reason (over 3 years plus),,, Once separated I went to the doctor as I noticed my flare ups were around the week before my period… investigated further and realised I had PMS if not PMDD… went to the doctor and was prescribed fluoxetine – which did help, yet the Progesterone only pills also prescribed made me worse (Couldn’t take combined pill due to age and family history of DVT). After reading your blog investigated Agnus Castus further… working at a Doctor’s surgery I spoke to Health Practitioners who also read the British Medical Journal report I printed, to ask their advice. I went ahead and ordered Agnus Castus and have now taken it for nearly 2 months… in this time the change has been amazing. I have been ‘pushed’ on many occasions where I would have flared before… however I haven’t. I feel calm and like a new woman… for the first time in years I feel happy… can’t believe that people have just accepted I have a temper and that’s me!!! IT’S NOT AT ALL!! Agnus Castus has given us our marriage back, I am now moving back to our marital home, and we are so happy…. thank you for your blog… you have helped so much I cannot thank you enough!!

Vicki Daniels

Has this blog helped you? Where did you find out about agnus castus?

20 thoughts on “Agnus castus saved my marriage!! Seriously!”

  1. Thank you so much for all the work you have done re agnus castus. I understand that 20mg is the suggested daily dose. Do you know how many drops of a 1:5 tincture this would correspond to? Many thanks, Jane

  2. Hi Jane, I am afraid the dosage is really hard to decipher and I know nothing about tinctures. I guess you will have to try it and then adjust the amount if your symptoms don’t improve. Good luck and come back and let me know how things go.

  3. Hi Juliet
    Have just recently run out of my KIRA Agnus Castus from Boots. Was wondering if you knew of where i could get a stronger dose? Or just need to stick with the Kira brand.
    Thank you
    Cath 🙂

    1. Kira only have THR so new stock will be 4mg, however prime health direct although advertising 20mg doesn’t appear to have any in stock. They are ignoring my emails which is rather annoying. So unless you can find old stock or an outside EU supplier, then the only option left is 5 tablets a day. So frustrating.

  4. Thank you for this info. I was taking old stock high strength Agnus Castus capsules (1 per day) from Holland and Barrett about a year ago and felt my PMS improve, but then I couldn’t buy them anymore. I struggled to take 4 capsules a day with their new stock and felt rubbish only taking 2, and now I know why!

  5. Thanks for coming on here and adding your voice EM. I am just about to post a reply from Holland and Barrett about their dosage changes. Also Prime Health Direct assure me their new stock of 20mg tablets will be ready by next week – and at £12 for 6 months they are good value and the only place you can still get the dosage in one tablet.

  6. Hi Juliet have you received this product yet? I was looking to buy some but I don’t want to wait ages for it to come. Thanks

  7. Hold fire Vicky, I have paid for mine, but it has not yet arrive. I will post a quick blog update as soon as I have it in my hands. I will also ring the company on Tuesday if it hasn’t come by then.

  8. I have also emailed them to see when they anticipate it being back in stock. I don’t hold my breath getting a reply but it’s worth a shot.

  9. Have you received it yet? I received an email back off them today saying they have loads in stock and have loads on order too?

  10. Hi Juliet

    I have tried everything for pms, including over the last year, 4 birth control pills, mirena coil with oestrogen gel and now another pill. Nothing works. I have a history of endometriosis but don’t have it now. I got to the point once I passed 40 that my symptoms lasted 2-3 weeks out of four and I think my problem is progesterone. My mood symptoms aren’t quite as bad as they were but I suffer bloating, water retention, cramps, muscle and joint pains, fatigue and excessive food cravings.

    Do you think Agnus Cactus can help with these physical symptoms? What worries me is that from what I have read it has a progesterone effect on the body.

    Are you aware of any women with similar issues to me who it has helped?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Lou, I definitely think Agnus Castus is worth trying. My PMT was predominantly physical symptoms, breast tenderness, irritable bowel as well as period pains. Do get it from one of the places I recommend (tab at top ‘where to get Agnus Castus’). I do not get anything from the companies I recommend, but I can guarantee they work as I have taken them. Right now I am taking the Natural Health Practice ones, but the Prime Health Direct ones are cheaper and worked equally as well (they are just not always in stock). Give it at least two months before deciding if it is working. I really hope you find the relief I did. I too had tried everything and was considering hysterectomy, so I totally get where you are coming from. Please come back and say how you got on, positive or negative. Take care.

  11. Oh and also bizarrely bad acid reflux which I have never had and through keeping a diary I have found is hormone related as when I don’t have the other symptoms, I don’t get it. A doctor has confirmed this is a reaction to progesterone relaxing the muscles (and probably the same with the joint/muscle pains). I am considering a full hysterectomy, that is how bad things are and how it takes over my life so I guess I have nothing to lose by trying it!

  12. Hi Juliet, thanks so much for your speedy response.

    It’s really interesting and just brilliant that you have had the success you have with it.

    I have ordered from Prime Health so maybe will order the other too in case of any stock issues.

    I have just started yet another new pill and feel horrendous. I have a GnRH injection booked for 15 Dec but can go along and maybe postpone to try this first.

    Thanks, I will let you know the outcome! 🙂


  13. Thanks for the info on prime health products I will check them out.
    So sad to hear of so many ladies with real menstrual,hormonal, issues.can I respectfully suggest Lou,that you check out Arvigo another excellent resource for natural help using abdominal massage, before you consider a Hysterectomy.

  14. Hi, thanks to both Juliette & Sue. Unfortunately AC didn’t work for me. It seemed to make things worse. I don’t know if this is because it is supposed to act on progesterone receptors?

    Always good to try though & glad that it helps so many women.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Louise, I am not sure research has identified exactly what AC does. I have read about different ‘types’ of PMT. Not sure of the evidence base, but it could be AC works for some more than others. I have seen Red Clover recommended in the guidelines to GP’s produced by NAPS (National Association Premenstrual Syndrome). It may be worth investigating. Take care.

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