Agnus Castus: GOOD NEWS!!!!

Well they promised me they would and they have!!

Prime Health are once again stocking 20mg (standardised extract) Agnus Castus tablets –  £11.75 for SIX months supply.

Click here for their website.

Prime Health Agnus Castus

DO NOT buy for BOOTS (or any other high street store that is supplied by SCHWABE) , HOLLAND & BARRETT and KIRA because they have all obtained a Traditional Herbal Registration, which restricts dosage to 4mg per tablet.

7 thoughts on “Agnus Castus: GOOD NEWS!!!!”

  1. I just asked a question this post answers! Six months is sooo convenient. In my country you can only find one lab that sells agnus castus and its only 8mg, so i had to take 2.5 pills each time wich made it a little too expensive for me, despite the good results!
    Thank you so much for the info, if it wasnt for you i would have never known about the right dose to take! I still dont enjoy the long term effects as i had to discontinue after only three months (though i did saw big improvement) but this presentation and price from prime health is much more convenient even if im purchusing over seas. Its a pity most of my country (Chile) women dont even know this exists…not only that! I have tried to spread the word but most of them seem skeptical.
    Thanks again and lets hope you girls win this at the uk, maybe with time it will happen here too.

  2. Dear Maria, so good to hear from you again and that Agnus Castus has worked so well for you. I understand skepticism from the women you have spoken to, we are in the grip of big business and pharma corporations, convincing us that the latest (patented) drug is the miracle cure we have been waiting for – that is until the long term side effects come to light. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti progress, but I am anti profit over benefit. If Agnus Castus had been invented in a laboratory and had a patent, we would hear nothing else but how good it is for PMT.

    Keep spreading the word, and most importantly, make sure women know that the recommended dose on packaging will render the herb ineffective. Urge them to do their own research on its effects and the right amount to take.

    Thank you for coming back x

  3. Long time since anyone commented on here. I just hope my comment is seen.

    I ordered this product last year and I’m about to come to end of my bottle. I checked the website last week and they still had this product available. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy some at the time. I have just checked again and it’s gone off the website. I’ve emailed them to ask if they will no longer be stocking it but I’m waiting for a reply. If they don’t then WHERE will I be able to get the 20mg stuff from. I really don’t want to get it from holland and Barrett since there dose seems to be crazily high. HELP PLEASE 🙂

    1. There is a lot of recent comments on the blog post Agnus Castus – a cure for PMS, so maybe you want to have a look at that thread. I have been getting 20mg tablets from Prime Health Direct – but there has been some talk on the comments about the potency, however I have found them to be effective. Unfortunately Holland & Barrett can only sell tablets with a 4mg max dosage (standardised extract) which would mean taking 5 a day. Not sure where else to recommend. There are some good reviews for Nature’s Best on Amazon, so that might be worth checking to.

  4. Hi, I stumbled across your blog when looking for information about Agnus Castus. I read lots of your posts and was also interested to read that you were in teaching (ditto) and that your blog header is a picture of the sea front at Blackpool (where I live). Anyway, after reading several posts I wanted to leave you a little message! I have PCOS, I’m 34, and suffering typical PCOS symptoms including weight gain, acne and infertility all with little help from doctors. They simply tell me to lose weight and then my symptoms will improve, but weight gain/difficulty to lose weight is a symptom itself. The most frustrating thing is that at my current weight I don’t qualify for IVF. In an attempt to lose weight and get pregnant I have been taking Agnus Castus from H&B for several years. Initially it helped, my periods became more regular, acne improved and weight loss was a little easier. However, I noticed that after the product changed to a small white pill rather than the capsules I was taking the positive effects reduced and soon stopped. Now, having read your blog post on the subject I understand why! So, I’m going to try a more effective strength of AC and hopefully I’ll see some improvements in my symptoms. Thanks for the info!! Rebecca x

    1. Hi Rebecca, I have a lot of family in and around Blackpool. Love it there 🙂 Really glad this blog helped you to realise why your symptoms had returned. I really hope once you are taking the correct dosage you will find life easier to manage again.

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